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Blog Tour: CRYO - A Changed World by Geoff Wakeling

CRYO: A Changed World - Synopsis

If you awoke to find that humankind had been annihilated, could you survive?

John's dreams have crumbled. A global corporation, CRYO, kidnapped him, froze him and sent him to the future, only to fade into history as he slept. Now, John and his pod mates are in a new and strange world that's far from anything they've ever known.


With a strange creature having cut their already dwindled numbers, the fight for survival has begun. There's already discontent amongst the small group of survivors. And, as John heads out into the unknown with a small splinter group, there's just one question; what will he find?

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Haven't read book 1? Never fear, now you can!

CRYO: Rise of the Immortals

Would you accept a one-way ticket to the future?

Earth is dying, but John Carlody has the chance to escape. He wins the most anticipated lotto ever; the opportunity to become part of CRYO, be one of fifty people to enjoy the latest cryonics technology and journey forward half a century.

However, a dream come true could be a making of a nightmare. CRYO isn't what it pretends to be and John is about to discover their secrets. But will he be too late?

About the author

Geoff Wakeling lives in London and escapes the smog of the city through his writing. The Inside Evil, even though being dark and mysterious, was a way to escape the drudgery of every day life and indulge in something a little more fantastical.

With a degree in Zoology, Wakeling is animal mad and has three cats, fish and five chickens in his London home. He is a keen gardener and conservationist. He is also still awaiting the arrival of his Hogwart's Owl!

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**Excerpt - A Changed World - Chapter 13 - Antagonistic Technologies**

Anne held out the feathers in her hands and the creature quickly reached out and closed Anne's fingers around the items, pushing them back towards her.

"You're sure?" Anne asked, the delight clearly spreading across her face. The creature looked at the table and began to pick up other feathers and beads, pushing them towards Anne in an attempt to get her to take more. After a moment, the shopkeeper stood back and surveyed Anne, taking particular interest in the small tufts of hair that were beginning to hang down. Then, it shook its head and retrieved some of the goods it had given her. It said a few quick and happy-sounding words, and disappeared into the shop. John heard continued babble, before its head popped through the opening with a puzzled look. It reached out for Anne's arm and drew her through the doorway, with John and the others quickly following.

As John entered the shop, he saw the blue illuminations he'd become so used to were absent. In their place, small brightly coloured globes hung from the ceiling as if a vibrant and fluorescent galaxy of planets was shining bright light into the world. He stooped so as to avoid becoming entangled in them. Whilst the cavern provided ample room, the height of the small shop certainly wasn't meant for humans. Across the room, the small, thin creature was burbling excitedly towards Anne, picking various glass boxes off the counter and holding them up to her face. As John neared, he saw that each of the tiny translucent containers held tiny plants; a splash of vivid green moss, a rosette of purplish fronded foliage, a cluster of beige leaves with a stem that held minuscule circular-shaped flowers.

"I think she wants you to have one," John said as the creature began to chatter excitedly upon holding up a small box containing a violet flower. He had no idea whether it was a woman or not, but his mind was already categorising the smaller creatures as females and the larger, muscled ones, such as the guards, as male.

"Do you think I should?" Anne beamed, looking around to John with almost as much excited anticipation as the shopkeeper seemed to have.

"What are they?" John asked.

"I think these are the plants they have on their skin."

"In that case, hell yes you need to get one."

In fact, John would quite happily have one himself. There was a particular clump of evergreen moss with yellowish flower stalks that he was imagining being etched into his shoulder.

Anne nodded at the shopkeeper, who instantly ushered Anne over to a small foamy seat at the back of the small shop. The female creature pushed her hand into the wall and withdrew a small box from the gel matrix, popping it open to reveal a thin metal instrument that looked like a pair of tweezers but with extremely sharp and pointed ends. Turning her attention to Anne, she put a finger to her own face, pointing towards a spot just above the brow and indicating where it might look best.

"What do you think?" Anne asked, turning towards John, Viktor and Amity.

"Maybe towards the corner of your eyebrow," Viktor said, creeping up to sit by her side. Anne pointed to the place on her face and the shopkeeper nodded in understanding. With her long and dexterous fingers, she slipped the lid off the small box, before carefully using the tweezers to pluck out the thin white stem of the violet flower. John saw there was a miniscule root on the end of it, and the alien woman carefully rotated the plant so the root was perfectly in line with the tip of the tweezers. Reaching back behind her, she pressed her hand into the wall again and, this time, withdrew a small pot. She dipped the root of the plant into the pot before replacing the container back into the wall. Then, as she raised the tiny plant towards Anne's face, she allowed her slender fingers to grip Anne's jaw tightly so that, if Anne winced, her mobility was as restrained as possible. It only took an instant for the tweezers to puncture the skin above Anne's eyebrow, and before John knew it, the creature was withdrawing the tool, leaving the single stalk in place.

"How does it look?" Anne said.

"Amazing," Amity beamed, and John was sure that she too was now desperate to have her faced swathed in flowers. As Anne moved her head, the small violet flower floated up and down on its single thread-like stalk.

The woman began to babble again, and she pulled Anne to her feet before dragging her over to the wall. A quick swipe upon a panel and a mirror flashed into life, allowing Anne to get the first look at her latest adornment.

"I love it," she gasped, smiling and touching the edges of the petal with extreme care.
"It doesn't hurt a bit. You should all get them," she added.

"Perhaps not a flower," Viktor said, leaning in and kissing her. "I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that."

"I saw some moss and lichen over here, Viktor. We could have a swirl added to our necks."

John turned towards the table, intent on not missing out, only to realise that several large and lean looking aliens were now standing in the doorway. They were framed by the light of the cavern and filled the entire arch of the entrance, looking displeased. One strode in angrily and began to shout aggressively towards the shopkeeper, who was quickly defended by Anne. She pushed herself between the two, and despite the angry individual pushing its head back and forth to try and pick on the shopkeeper behind, Anne stood her ground. It seemed to stop any argument that might've been brewing, but the newcomers wasted no time in ushering the four humans out of the shop and back onto the promenade. John took a fleeting look at the small container holding his moss. He'd have to wait for another moment to embrace this new and weird way of life.

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