Thursday, July 17, 2014

Need an alternative to Angie's List? Choose Metro Installer!

Are you looking for an alternative to Angie's List? Well look no further, you've found it. Metro Installer is a new service that you should definitely take a look at. Take a look below for the reasons you should choose Metro Installer, and NOT Angie's List.

#1 - COST

Angie's List requires a PAID subscription, prices vary based on membership choices (1 year, 2 year, etc.), and there is also a fee to leave a review.

Metro Installer is FREE service to consumers. There are NO charges to join, locate service providers, or leave reviews. Homeowners can use Metro Installer as a community to locate or recommend local businesses.

Metro Installer plans to re-invent the way people communicate within their communities to encourage consumers to not only recommend home service providers to their neighbors, but also to help deserving local business owners prosper by sending them business. Supporting local businesses can have great positive results in the local community.


CommunityAngie's List is a huge business with a lot of subscribers, but they have also received quite a few bad reviews from consumers. The common complaints against the service other than the cost are poor customer support, aggressive sales approaches towards businesses, and major discrepancies with consumer reviews. Some believe that service providers that pay a fee are able to hide their negative reviews and only showcase the positive ones, while others believe that some providers are coaxed into a contract based on reviews having been submitted on their behalf, only to enter in to a contract to find that those reviews were negative. The latter results in the providers forking out more money to hide those negative reviews, or improve their ranking on the site.

Metro Installer aims to please consumers and service providers alike. The first goal is for all consumers to have the opportunity to find the service providers they need and see how their own community members feel about them. The second goal is to provide a place for homeowners to recommend businesses they trust, as well as to warn their neighbors if there are any service providers they need to avoid. The third goal is to provide a place that local business owners can get the praise they need, and offer their services to more members of the community.

What does Metro Installer need from you?

Metro Installer needs you to join for FREE today to help build the online community. This website is in the beginning stages, but they need you to join as consumers and providers to start to build the community today. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started and build the community!

Join Metro Installer for FREE today!

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