Monday, September 30, 2013

Long nights...

This has been a very busy week. Building my new website this week has taken up a lot of my time, and that's okay. I am sure that I will be more than happy with the finished product, but why am I having such a hard time? Choosing the photos to use on my site is the hardest part. Not only do I need to come up with an idea, I have no idea how to find exactly what I need. There are plenty of "free" sites that allow you to download and use their photos, but they require that you register and the only photos that seem semi-close to what you are looking for are not actually free. I may just need to get someone else to help me out in creating photos of my own.

The good news is that I have been much more available on my social media this week then ever before and I am hoping to grow my audience quite a bit. I have gathered some information on possibly self publishing and its quite exciting. I have also completed some of the much needed research for my book that had held me up for quite some time. I am now thinking that I will be able to have my first book completed (before edits) in the next four weeks.

Keep checking back, I plan to post weekly updates from now on. Since I am no longer working a full time job, I expect that I will be able to keep it up.

AnnMarie Stone

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