Monday, September 30, 2013

Sun & Stars - Some more recent work (written spring 2013)

If there are any A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones fans reading this, you may notice that this poem was inspired by the story.

Sun & Stars 

The moon cannot live without the stars,
For without the stars the moon has no reason to shine.
The moon cannot live without the sun,
For without the sun the moon is but a rock.
The moon cannot shine without the sun,
The moon has no will to shine without the stars.
Without the moon, the sun will still shine and the stars will still twinkle.
The sun and stars can live without the moon,
Yet the sun and stars may yet need the moon.
The moon is an anchor for the sun,
With an offer of calm amidst chaos,
The moon provides company for the stars at night,
With an offer of comfort in the darkness,
The sun has only to glance in the darkened sky,
And the moon will be there shining brightly.
The stars have the nights to share with the moon,
No matter the distance of time and space between them.
The moon will always have the sun and stars,
Even when in distance and time they cannot be seen.
The presence of the sun and stars is known by the glow of the moon.
The sun and stars are always there for the moon,
Just as the moon is always there for the sun and stars.

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