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Hellfire by Rickard B. DeMille

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Hellfire by Rickard B. DeMille

(A Travis Deacon Novel)

This is a story filled with action, adventure, mystery, suspense, espionage, treachery, romance, you name it.

I definitely wanted to know more from the beginning. The story opened with a great introduction to the fact that it took place in the UK and that the main character in the story was from the US. I may not have understood many of the UK references, but that was ok because Travis was just as confused as I was. The humor brought me in at first, and then the mystery regarding Gareth hooked me further.

Reading this book felt a lot more like watching a movie than reading a book. I felt that I could see the characters well when they were explained in detail, but even more when they were explained with comical nicknames. In fact, I pictured Travis as Jason Stathem.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Hellfire. I don’t typically read mystery suspense and action for pleasure, but this one has introduced me to the genre in a positive way. I have always enjoyed movies that are similar to this story, and now I know that I enjoy reading them too.

The humor in the story added that little piece of something extra that most stories lack when there are tragedies involved, which was also quite refreshing.



To learn more about Rickard B. DeMille, check out his WEBSITE!

My recommendation for Hellfire by Rickard B. DeMille: If you enjoy a little mystery, action and suspense, with a little humor mixed in and a rush shouting, "God Save The Queen" you will love Hellfire. However, if you have a hard time with visually gruesome moments, this one may not be for you. This is a story that has blood and gore in the pages, but you will feel like you are watching a movie.

I give this title 5 out of 5 stars!

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