Monday, June 9, 2014

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Welcome to Metro Installer!

Written by Author AnnMarie Stone Home services? We all need them, but we don't always know where to go. Metro Installer is here to change all that. As a one stop shop for all your home servicing needs, use Metro Installer. 

Let me tell you about a story that happened to me earlier this year. My house was infested with bees, Yes, bees. The bees found a tiny little whole neat the roof on my home and swarmed inside, making their new home inside my walls. The first thing that came to mind was, who do I call? Should I look for a beekeeper or pest control? A friend even suggested that I contact a monastery, claiming that monks can take care of a bee problem. What I needed was Metro Installer.


I found out after checking around that the best contact for my situation was in fact a beekeeper, but without that knowledge right up front, I had to do quite a bit of leg work. Now, with Metro Installer, I know that for the next thing that comes up, the only place I need to go is Metro Installer. Not only will Metro Installer be a place to find the resources that I need, but I will be able to read previous reviews and ratings from others just like me.

Metro Installer is currently working on building a database of home services locations. When you use Metro Installer to meet your needs, be sure to leave your ratings and reviews for future home owners just like you.

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Home Services offered on Metro Installer

Appliance Install & Repair Services

Audio & Video System Services

Awnings Installation & Repair Services

Cabinet Installation & Repair Services

Cable TV & Satellite Services

Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Services

Electricians & Electronic Repairs Services

Fence Installation & Repair Services

Flooring Installation Services

Handyman Services

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Home Automation System Services

Home IT & Computer Repair Services

Home Security System Services

Home Theatre Installation Services

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Networking & Telephony System Services

Pest & Animal Control Services

Plumbing Services

Roofing Installation & Repair Services

Solar System Installation Services

Window & Doors Installation Services



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