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Masters Of Minecraft - The Awakening (A minecraft novel) By Terry Mayer

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Masters Of Minecraft - The Awakening (A minecraft novel)

By Terry Mayer

My son is an 11 year old 6th grader, and he loves anything related to video games. He is required to read every day for school, but getting him to do so is an interesting task. I only wish that the Minecraft novels were listed on the AR lists for grade school children, its never difficult to get him to read those.

Once I told my son that I bought him another Minecraft novel, he wanted to start reading it right away. This story is not quite as short as the last one that he read, so he was pleasantly surprised to have more to read. Plus as an added bonus, he shares his name with one of the main characters.

The good news? I can use letting him read in the Minecraft novel as a reward for doing the reading that he needs to do. Plus, he's reading more, so its a win/win.

My son's favorite part of the book is the inclusion of some of the famous characters that he knows both from playing the game, and watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. Sky has been one of his favorites to watch on YouTube and he enjoys the part that the Sky character plays in the book.

Thank you for the great story and sparking the love of reading for my son. Now he knows that he enjoys reading, as long as he chooses books that he holds an interest in.

My recommendation for Masters of Minecraft - The Awakening: This book is for anyone who enjoys playing Minecraft, and the more familiar you are the better. The novel may be confusing or less enjoyable for someone not familiar with the game in his opinion.

I give this title 5 out of 5 stars!

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