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Minecraft: The Chronicles of Herobrine (Minecraft books)

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Minecraft: The Chronicles of Herobrine (Minecraft books)

by Adrian King

If you are looking for great Minecraft stories for your children, this one is a must read. Now, my son is hooked, so I am sure that this is only the first of many to come, as far as Minecraft stories go.

I purchased this Minecraft short story for my 11 year old son, who by the way is not into reading. But, he is very into Minecraft. My son typically only reads when he has to, so he will usually only pick the books that will get him credit at school (on the AR reading lists).

I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t read this book at first because he would have to read it on his own time, and in addition to his required reading. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that he was not only willing to read this book right away, but he did not put it down until he finished it. He was even a little more than annoyed when his battery was low so he had to stop reading long enough to plug in his kindle.

Thank you for such a great book! And my son did want me to include that he really enjoyed the photos that were included. He thought it was a pretty neat story, and it was additionally neat to have the Minecraft screenshots as a part of the story.

My recommendation for Minecraft: The Chronicles of Herobrine: If you are interested in Minecraft, this is a book that you will love right from the beginning. However, the story stands alone and can also be of interest to children that have not yet experienced Minecraft. If you are looking for a quick and easy read to entertain your son or daughter, this is the one! Especially if your son or daughter is interested in video games.

I give this title 5 out of 5 stars!

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